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Word Counts, Character Counts, and Line Counts in SLP Files

AnyCount automatically generates accurate word counts, character counts, and line counts for single or multiple files in .SLP file format.

Word count results window for .SLP file format:

Word Count Results in SLP file format

To count .SLP file format, Sisulizer has to be installed. Sisulizer can be downloaded from the following location: http://www.sisulizer.com/downloads.shtml

AnyCount counts text in Original column of Sisulizer project file. The column contains text in source language.

You can optionally include locked and excluded text to your counts.

Word count settings window for .SLP file format:

Word Count Settings in SLP file format

When AnyCount completes the word count or other units count of .SLP files you have a wide variety of possibilities for viewing and saving the count result:

  • view count results on the screen;
  • copy results to clipboard;
  • sort count results in columns;
  • print count results;
  • export count results to .TXT format;
  • export count results to Comma-Separated Text/Tab-Separated Text (.CSV Format);
  • export count results to .HTML format;
  • export count results to MS Word format;
  • export count results to MS Excel format;
  • export count results to .RTF format.
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