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About Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular presentation program developed for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS computer operating systems. Being widely used by businesspeople, educators, and trainers, it is among the most prevalent forms of persuasion technology: according to its vendor, Microsoft Corporation, some 30 million presentations are made with PowerPoint every day.


In PowerPoint, as in most other presentation software, text, graphics, movies, and other objects are positioned on individual pages or “slides“. The “slide” analogy is a reference to the slide projector, a device which has become somewhat obsolete due to the use of PowerPoint and other presentation software. Slides can be printed, or (more usually) displayed on-screen and navigated through at the command of the presenter. Transitions between slides can be animated in a variety of ways, as can the emergence of elements on a slide itself. The overall design of a presentation can be controlled with a master slide; and the overall structure, extending to the text on each slide, can be edited using a primitive outliner.

Presentations can be saved and run in any of the file formats: the default .ppt (presentation), .pot (template) or .pps (PowerPoint Show).

PowerPoint Link:  Official website of PowerPoint at Microsoft


Word Counts, Character Counts, Line Counts for PPT Files

AnyCount automatically produces correct word counts, character counts, and line counts for single or multiple files in .PPT file format.

Word count results window for .PPT file formats:

AnyCount - .PPT (Microsoft® PowerPoint file format)

AnyCount is able to optionally include important additional count statistics for PowerPoint files:

  • Slide Notes
    AnyCount - Slide Notes Word Count and Character Count
  • Slide Footers
  • Presentation Header
    AnyCount - Presentation Header Word Count and Character Count
  • Presentation Footer
    AnyCount - Presentation Footer Word Count and Character Count
  • Slide Master
  • Note Master
  • Handout Master
  • Title Master
  • Shapes
  • Embedded and linked objects

AnyCount can ignore identical presentation footers.

Word count settings window for .PPTX file format:

AnyCount - additional count statistics for PowerPoint files

When counting of PowerPoint files is completed, you can:

  • view count results on the screen;
  • print count results;
  • export count results to .TXT format;
  • export count results to Comma-Separated Text/Tab-Separated Text (.CSV Format);
  • export count results to .HTML format;
  • export count results to MS Word format;
  • export count results to MS Excel format;
  • export count results to .RTF format;
  • copy results to clipboard.
Download PPT Count Software Order PPT Count Software
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