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AnyCount automatically produces correct word counts, character counts, and line counts for single or multiple files in DOC file format.

Some information about DOC:

Created byMicrosoft
DescriptionDOC or doc (an abbreviation of “document”) is a filename extension for word processing documents, most commonly in the proprietary Microsoft Word Binary File Format. Binary DOC files often contain more text formatting information (as well as scripts and undo information) than some other document file formats like Rich Text Format and Hypertext Markup Language, but are usually less widely compatible.
Built-in word count toolsYes
Word count processOCR Word Count Engine parses characters from the file and provides exact character, line, and word count.
Word count difficulty levelMedium
Used inMost word processing software

How AnyCount make a Word Count, Character Count, Page Count and Line Count for DOC Files

Word count settings window for DOC file format:

Settings for word count in doc

AnyCount is able to optionally ignore texts in identical headers/footers and hidden text.

For example, let’s select the DOC file for the word count:

AnyCount results:

  • counting characters with spaces

Count characters with spaces in doc

  • counting characters without spaces

Count characters without spaces in doc

  • counting lines

Count lines in doc

  • counting pages

Count pages in doc

  • counting words

Count words in doc

Other programs and online word counting services were also used for verification.

Clipcount 3D display results:

Count words in doc from clipcount

WordCounter display results:

Count words in doc from wordcounter

Word Counter io display results:

Count words in doc from wordcounterio

Keywordtool display results:

Count words in doc from keywordtool

When word counting of DOC files is completed, you can see these features:

  • running headers
  • running footers
  • footnotes
  • endnotes
  • comments

After that you can:

  • view DOC word count results on the screen;
  • print count results of the Document file;
  • export DOC word count results to TXT format;
  • export letter count results of the DOC file to Comma-Separated Text / Tab-Separated Text (CSV Format);
  • export DOC character count results to HTML format;
  • export character count results of DOC file to MS Word format;
  • export DOC page count results to MS Excel format;
  • export page count results of DOC file to RTF format;
  • copy symbol count results of the DOC file to the clipboard.

If you want to export DOC word count results to a different format, just write to us and we will try to help you! 😉

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